Below is a list of some of the advanced dentistry and technology offered by St. Albans, WV dentists R.W. Harshbarger, DDS  is proud to treat patients from St. Albans, Charleston, South Charleston, Teays Valley, Hurricane, Scott Depot, Milton and beyond.

Laser Assisted Dentistry

Painless-No Anesthetic Needed   

Used to treat cavities, cold sores, canker sores and many other surgical procedures

It's Completely Safe and More Precise

No Extra Charge

3Shape Digital Impressions 

Quick and reliable without the mess!

Extremely Accurate 


 Digital Radiographs

X-rays that provide the lowest possible exposure to our patients

Instant development- no chemicals in the office!

Able to see chairside immediately for review with our Doctors


Laser Scanner

The Diagnodent allows us to scan for decay that may be lurking under the enamel


Chairside Inraoral Camera

Instant photos of single teeth or multiple

Allows patients to see how we are actively helping improve their oral health!